Sunday, August 3, 2014

Indefinite Hiatus

I know there hasn't been a lot of posting on this blog in recent months. That's been a factor of several things.

As of today, Walkabout is going on an indefinite hiatus.

As per my G+ status update:

I'm sitting in my "indigenous studies" class, and have decided that my ongoing roleplaying project "Walkabout" needs to go on indefinite hiatus.

While I seem to have been treating the assorted cultures and beliefs with respect, there is still a lot more to learn. I also want to make sure that there is a lot more input from aboriginal artists, scholars and thinkers. Not for their aboriginality, not to give a "more authentic voice" to the work, but to provide opportunities as general artists, scholars and thinkers who aren't being given opportunities because they happen to be a marginalised group.

The issue is far bigger than it's being reported. So there's some deep thought necessary.